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  • Aims of AAI

    1.   To support a worldwide network of AAI Providers. These are operators, schools, outdoor centres, camps, clubs &c. that have gained recognition by the AAI for meeting standards in terms of management, facilities, resources, staffing, safety, sustainability and programmes.

    2.   To enable AAI Adventurers  to have international recognition of their personal skills when seeking adventure sports globally, hiring equipment and using outdoor pursuits related services, and AAI Professionals  to have overseas work, travel and outdoor activity opportunities.

    3.   To support a worldwide network of AAI Professionals, (Leaders, Masters and Elders). To provide AAI Providers and Adventurers with an internationally consistent level of service and expertise when they contract AAI Professionals for leadership and training in outdoor and adventurous activities.

    4.   To enable and encourage communication between the various AAI associates for mutual benefit and to encourage outdoor education and outdoor and adventurous activities.

    5.   To network and help to campaign on behalf of AAI associates on issues affecting the outdoors and the environment.

    6.   To network with other outdoor and adventurous activity bodies and National Governing Bodies of home nations, to develop a matrix of the various awards and how they relate to the AAI Awards.

    7.  To promote and develop good practice in outdoor and adventurous activity and outdoor education and to encourage closer comradeship and the exchange of news and ideas amongst the outdoor and adventurous activities followers of all nations.

    8.  To promote and encourage outdoor and adventure sport and outdoor education opportunities.

    9.  To resist initiatives that seek to restrict and over complicate outdoor recreational activity, resources and leadership.

    10.  To promote, develop and encourage Outdoor Education services.

    11.  To assist the promotion of the use of outdoor sports for healthy recreation.

    12. To network and assist the development of socially ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly opportunities for Adventure Tourism, particularly with local people in the developing world.