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  • Charter

    We support ADVENTURE ACCREDITATION INTERNATIONAL which establishes standards for operating Outdoor and Adventurous Activities and Outdoor Education worldwide.
    To continue our registration we agree to the following: 
    • We agree to operate to the Standards of Good Practice for AAI Providers, to skill levels and activities as approved by AAI and listed on the AAI website syllabuses and Providers section. 
    • Standards of customer care, competencies of AAI Leaders, working documents, equipment and operational management as agreed with the AAI will be followed. We recognise that failure to do this may result in being de-registered by AAI.
    • We will use AAI as a forum for sharing incidents and near misses where appropriate to develop best practice. 
    • We will monitor the AAI website and act on developments and recommendations that arise. 
    • We will show consideration for members of the public and abide by relevant legislation. 
    •  We will monitor, protect and avoid damage to sites, and minimise any disturbance to wildlife, in accordance with the AAI Code of   Conduct and relevant wildlife legislation. 
    •  We will operate to the Sustainability Policy lodged with AAI.
    •  We will continue to help develop the AAI and will encourage others to adopt it. 
    •  We will inform our customers and AAI Adventurers that we are members of the AAI.