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    I confirm that all the information and evidence provided for this application is accurate, genuine and mine alone. I have read and agree to the AAI Rules and all payment terms and conditions. I agree to abide by the AAI Terms, Code of Conduct and Guidance for AAI Professionals, and understand that failure to comply may invalidate my AAI Registration and Qualifications. By submission of this form you confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions provided on the website and in the documentation


    Everyone who wishes to lead others in the range of AAI outdoor and adventurous activities and outdoor education activities is invited to register as an AAI Professional. They may either transfer their existing outdoor leading awards to the AAI system or gain an AAI Leadership award direct through a course being run by an AAI Master. Benefits of becoming an AAI Professional include access to an increasing range of discounts from AAI Providers and Partners and access to information on the AAI website and networking with like minded Outdoor Professionals the world over. AAI Professionals are at liberty to charge whatever they consider to be market rate for their services of training and assessing for Personal awards. Market forces and feedback through the 'grapevine' will identify where good value can be found. Failure to remain registered with AAI will invalidate awards held. Complaints received by AAI are investigated in a fair and open manner, details are in the website. Professionals have an obligation to keep up to date, active and fit to carry out the activities at all times and sign a declaration to that affect at each renewal.


    Choose from the options below, Click on a price below to join and pay online or complete & post or scan & email  your Professional Application form 

    Option 1

    Annual Professional Registration    
    Annual Professional Registration  (Leaders & Masters)      $65
    AAI Honorary    
    Annual Registration   $25
    This category is for less active non leading Senior members who still want to remain involved, have access to the Website Forum and delight younger members with the benefit of their wisdom. 
    A Council of interested and experienced Honorarys advise the AAI on matters as the Council of Elders, applications


    Annual Photo ID Card
    AAI Sticker
    10% renewal discount
    Income from running AAI Adventurer qualification courses
    Contact details and AAI Awards held marketed on AAI website
    Annual Commission credit for introducing new AAI Adventurer memberships @ 10%
    Employment opportunities and discount with participating AAI Providers
    Discounted professional equipment and services from AAI Partners

    AAI Professional Awards (valid for life with a valid Professional Registration Card)

     AAI Professionals Awards A5 Certificate date award gained and AAI Assessor    $22
     Validation and transfer of related personal qualifications to AAI Awards    $22

    Option 2

    Download and complete, then email or post your registration form and any awards you want to transfer (please note the transfer has extra cost associated)

    Download  Professional Registration form here 

    email :    or post to:

    AAI     PO Box 541      Byron Bay     New South Wales     2481      Australia