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    Everyone is invited and welcome to register as an AAI Professional. There are many benefits including discounts to the services and products of other AAI Professionals, AAI Providers and AAI Partners and access to the website for information and networking. Professionals receive their annual plastic wallet sized photo ID card with their unique AAI registration number.

    Personal awards are assessed by an AAI Leader at the same level or above in the same activity discipline, Professional awards are assessed by AAI Masters. They are formatted in modules and must be signed and dated in the candidates AAI Checklist whenever they are assessed as competent at that skill and level. When all the modules are signed off by the final assessor, a quality A5 certificate is issued by Head Office bearing the name and date of the award and the name and AAI number of the final assessor.
    You may pass all modules in one go, however, if you take longer, the final AAI Assessor will require evidence of continuing competence if more than twelve months has elapsed since the first modules assessment. The assessor will arrange for your fee to be forwarded and advise AAI Head Office who will update the AAI database of the name; award gained and date for that candidate. Some modules are generic, once you have passed them they cover you for all awards at that level.
    Checklist pages are in pdf form and can be downloaded from the website for inserting in your binder, there are guidance notes as well. They are discipline and level specific, in A4 format identifying the holder and detailing the skills gained with some information on theory and technique in each module. A log or diary of significant outdoor activity should also be kept up to date in an AAI Professionals Portfolio.
    Your awards last for life, as long as your AAI registration remains in date and you complete the declaration of continuing competence and fitness with a brief reference statement from someone who knows you professionally in the outdoors.
    AAI Registration is not required by Outdoor Education Certificate holders. If you hold Professional awards you must register as an AAI Professional.

    Everyone who wishes to lead others in the range of AAI outdoor and adventurous activities and outdoor education activities is invited to register as an AAI Professional. They may either transfer their existing outdoor leading awards to the AAI system or gain an AAI Leadership award direct through a course being run by an AAI Master. Benefits of becoming an AAI Professional include access to an increasing range of discounts from AAI Providers and Partners and access to information on the AAI website and networking with like minded Outdoor Professionals the world over. AAI Professionals are at liberty to charge whatever they consider to be market rate for their services of training and assessing for Personal awards. Market forces and feedback through the 'grapevine' will identify where good value can be found. Failure to remain registered with AAI will invalidate awards held. Complaints received by AAI are investigated in a fair and open manner, details are in the website. Professionals have an obligation to keep up to date, active and fit to carry out the activities at all times and sign a declaration to that affect at each renewal.

    AAI Leader Awards are run regionally by AAI Masters in the appropriate discipline.  A programme of Leader courses is arranged and administered by each AAI Master in their discipline and the course listed on the AAI website. Most Masters will attempt the full programme of modules during a given course, but the facility exists for Leader candidates not yet deemed competent to return for reassessment of the relevant module when ready. The final AAI Master Assessor may require evidence of continuing competence if more than twelve months has elapsed since the assessment of some of the modules. Generic modules are not discipline specific and can be transferred between activities.
    Anyone may run training courses, and the AAI Forum and various social media encourages networking of demand and expertise. Each Leader can assess the equivalent level Adventurer Award in that discipline. Leaders have a laid down remit of the grade and scope of conditions they can operate in at their particular level. AAI Leaders are required to operate within the AAI Code of Conduct and AAI Guidance notes. 

    Masters are appointed following application to AAI Head Office including details of current awards and relevant activity; assessments will also be run regionally periodically and to demand. This represents the highest level of skill, knowledge and professionalism in that discipline. A Master can assess all Leader levels in the specific discipline. Leader Checklists are available in each discipline, once the Master is satisfied that all modules are completed, these are signed off.
    Masters are responsible for the public face of the AAI and are called upon to help with tasks as their experience suits. This might include inspections of AAI Providers, conducting disciplinary hearings and running AAI Leader courses, supporting professional development and conferences.

    The Honorary Award system allows members to stay in touch and retain membership after such times as they are not leading groups for whatever reason, at a special reduced rate.  Their expertise, judgement and companionship remains of value to outdoor people . The AAI philosophy is about inclusivity and valuing each other, our senior honorary members may have hung up their boots but they will not be put out to pasture.

    Highly experienced Masters support and advise the AAI on matters of policy and development of services. This is largely done by email to reduce costs and promote sustainability. Those who feel they are suitably experienced and interested are invited to apply direct to AAI for consideration. 

    We value the award schemes around the world that have got people qualified so far and our aim is to compliment that service, not replace it. Those holding qualifications from other National Governing Bodies of outdoor pursuits wishing to convert to or include the AAI scheme are invited to complete the form:

    Download Professional Registration form here

    from the website and email to:

    or send in copies of their existing awards to:

    AAI PO Box 541 Byron Bay NSW 2481 Australia

    with a personal recommendation from a recognised practitioner stating that you are current, competent and active.

    A matrix of Worldwide Adventure Sports Awards is being developed identifying where existing awards fit into the AAI scheme. Until that is completed, we welcome suggestions as to how the various schemes worldwide interlock with AAI syllabuses. We support and recognise the value of the diverse range of adventure sports awards that have evolved and seek to compliment and work with our colleagues worldwide to the benefit of outdoor practitioners.

    The AAI does not require award holders to attend reassessments even though, in many walks of life, it is customary to require periodic reassessments. As sustainability is important to us, we aim to remove the considerable expense in time and money of routine gatherings for reassessments but we do require AAI Professionals to remain active, competent and fit for purpose. The AAI system is that AAI Leaders and Masters are required to complete an annual online declaration of continuing professional activity, a professional reference, a fitness test declaration and competence and compliance with the AAI Guidance notes, Principles and Code of Practice. Within the Code of Practice is a requirement that, once AAI “qualified”, the holder of the award is personally required to ensure that they are fit to work.  The Application form must be completed annually as a declaration of continued leadership activity and competence to perform at the award level.

    The AAI encourages feedback as to concerns that need investigation where quality and safety is in question.