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  • Provider AAI Registration

    The AAI fee structure is based on the amount of days per year that a Provider operates and the maximum capacity of clients. AAI Providers make an annual declaration regarding this to AAI Head Office on joining and renewal. There are two stages to register as an AAI Provider. Please read all the notes at the bottom of this page before continuing.

    Stage 1

    Instructions for registration
    1. There is a fee structure to match the size of operation by capacity and days operating per year. Click on one of the following that matches your operation.
    2. Enter your details and register.
    3. Pay via paypal or see below for other options of payment. This lodges your application in the AAI system. If your application is not successful, the fee will be refunded.
    Days per year
    0 to 100
    100 to 200
    All Year
    Up to 50
    50 to 150
    Over 150

    Stage 2

    1. We need to see further supporting documentation about your operation. Please download   Providers AAI Registration form here 
    2. Complete the Provider proof PDF and enclose the documents listed to support your application and highlight which awards you want to offer.
    3. Email :    or post to:

      AAI     PO Box 541      Byron Bay     New South Wales     2481      Australia

    All providers of outdoor education and adventure sports services are welcome to apply. This includes individual operators, clubs, shops, centers and camps, whether in a voluntary capacity, commercial or a statutory body. These may include Leaders, guiding, lessons, courses, equipment hire and sales.


    Marketing AAI Providers can detail their facilities, equipment, location, activities, prices and courses available in the relevant geographic section of the Provider directory. This information will be listed on the AAI Providers web pages section, for viewing by the public and AAI Professionals looking for work. AAI Providers will be featured on the AAI website including the location, contact details and the activities and services offered. Direct links to Schools own websites will be included. Providers may submit copy to promote offers for inclusion in the AAI Forum. Providers will have their own forum section, and in due course an ‘App’ featuring their facilities. The AAI will advertise in specialist publications and have presence at national conferences and exhibitions.  There will be opportunities for further promotion via the AAI Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn type accounts.

    Training Resources we are developing AAI teaching aids, publicity material, log books, handbooks, and AAI merchandise for sale direct on the website and at discount to AAI Providers and Leaders.

    Discounts The AAI will negotiate benefits for providers with manufacturers and other services of value, particularly as membership increases and purchasing power gains market credibility. We welcome suggestions from Providers of potential service providers and equipment manufacturers that would be of interest .

    Communication AAI Providers will have open and direct channels of communication with AAI Head Office to give feedback and suggestions to further provide value and benefits. There will be an ‘AAI Providers Forum’ section of the website where providers can communicate with each other on any matters of interest. This could be reviews and feedback on equipment, sales of equipment between schools, lessons learnt from incidents and near misses, vacancies for staff and Leaders and so on. The AAI will work with relevant National Governing Bodies of outdoor sports and other outdoor agencies where appropriate to share ideas and compliment each other’s services to the benefit of outdoor people worldwide.

    Feedback we encourage users to give praise for good standards of service from a particular Leader or Provider and also to comment on occasions where the quality has been below expectations. AAI Head Office moderators will have powers of edit to remove mischievous or malicious comment that would adversely affect the services of a member before it is published. In cases where concerns are raised, AAI Head Office will approach the provider and if necessary initiate investigative procedures with the ultimate sanction being removal from the scheme. The laid down procedure for this is available to Leaders and Providers from AAI Head Office.

    Campaigning As we develop a strong voice representing our members, we will help Providers in campaigning on matters that affect them and their activities. This may be local regulations that have been introduced which could restrict activities or proposed legislation that may restrict or adversely affect AAI Providers. Anything that affects our providers interests us and we will be there to support you. The AAI is about promoting good safe outdoor activities worldwide, we share that aim with AAI Providers.

    Access We support reasonable open access to all land and water for recreation provided there is no damage to eco-systems or that seriously compromises the lawful use of others, eg defence facilities.

    Environment The doctrine of tread lightly applies to outdoor and adventurous activities, and central to our schemes is a respect and care for the environment a love of nature and non invasive wildlife interaction. We expect all AAI Providers, Leaders and Adventurers to not only not leave litter and rubbish but to be prepared within reason to actively remove any that they encounter.

    Participation We want to provide a scheme that encourages lots of people to benefit from the outdoor experience. This is done through the AAI Providers network encouraging easy access to good facilities for everyone, AAI Leaders who are trained and encouraged by a realistic scheme, and for adventurers a worldwide training scheme that approaches recreational outdoor activities in a fun, safe and proactive scheme.

    Simplicity The AAI scheme is based around the principle that those involved in wanting to work and teach others outdoors are not necessarily going to be proactive and efficient administrators. In fact, the inexorable march towards bureaucracy and officialdom can often be a hindrance to good and effective risk management and a disincentive to encourage the right sort of inspirational characters to become outdoor leaders. The AAI has tried to design the scheme into natural stages for Adventurers, Leaders and AAI Providers and to keep the administration to a minimum. All standards are clearly laid out on the website and relevant reminders scheduled in for automatic emailing when required. Any observations that might further improve our services are most welcome.

    Complete the online application with fee and complete the providers application enclosing all required material direct to AAI Head Office. Subject to this, you will gain provisional acceptance, from time to time, there will be a supportive visit from an AAI Master or similarly experienced AAI personnel. If an initial application is not successful, the fee is refunded.