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  • Environment and Sustainability Policy

    The AAI is run by outdoor people, for outdoor people. Like you, the AAI cares about protecting where we work and play. This policy aims to be proactive, monitoring and campaigning, responsive and caring, to enthuse others and to resist unreasonable restrictions.

    Enjoying the scenery and wild fauna and flora in the outdoor environment is a key part of the adventure experience. There should be no or minimal impact or disturbance to wildlife and the environment from normal outdoor activities. The AAI with the help of our supporters will continue to actively promote environmental awareness and sustainability to the outdoor community.

    What sets most outdoor people apart is that they care about the environment; they spend their work and leisure time up close and personal, immersed and surrounded by the wonders of nature. The AAI enforces this policy through the attitude and perseverance of AAI Adventurers, Professionals and Providers and hope that the philosophy will permeate through to everyone who re-creates themselves out doors.

    Monitor – AAI people are out on the rivers, hills, lakes, mountains, forests and oceans somewhere in the world all the time. Some visit many diverse places, some the same place regularly. Who better to keep an eye on things? Whether it is pollution in the water, environmental degradation or cruelty to other animals, AAI and our supporters will not turn or look away.

    Campaign - The AAI needs people to record, take pictures and videos, sniff around, take water samples, notify authorities, get involved in environmental groups and campaigns and contact the media and let the public know whenever something wrong is going on.

    Respond – Only a few people would normally pick up litter. We no longer have the choice. Plastics are unsightly, they choke wildlife and when broken down cause damage at a cellular level throughout the ecosystem. Carelessly discarded fishing tackle kills bird and marine life at an ever increasing rate. We must always be prepared with gloves and bags (not plastic) to gather up and carefully dispose of what rubbish we find. Organise regular clean ups and live our lives on the resist, reuse and recycle framework with what we buy and dispose of.

    Care – We all have to make a point of learning about and understanding the ecosystems. Bright colours or loud noise can disturb at breeding times. Launching boats through reeds can destroy nests; turning over a rock can kill sheltering bugs and expose them to predators. Equipment used on one river system can introduce damaging alien species to another. Over used paths can become eroded gullies when it rains. We have to think of the consequences of everything we do.

    Enthuse – Our love for the outdoors and the wildlife will spread easily if we educate and motivate others to share it, especially youngsters.

    Sustainability – An essential approach to the ways that all humans interact with the planet. This is a broad and growing subject with new developments happening all the time. The AAI encourages all supporters, particularly AAI Providers of operating an active sustainability policy. There is now a lot of information on the internet about sustainability and how to operate with minimal impact. The AAI considers the Sustainability Policy of all new Providers and will share good practice.

    Resist – There are those who seek to restrict where we can go. Some, because they are up to no good, and others because they sometimes misguidedly believe that humans should be subject to blanket exclusions from sensitive sites. This may be true for the ignorant and insensitive, but for AAI people your considerate presence should be the rule rather than the exception. The AAI will work wherever possible to promote outdoor activities where appropriate.

    Respect privacy near houses and gardens.
    Drive sensibly and do not obstruct roads or entrances.
    Do not cause an obstruction with kit.
    Consider the impact of bright colours and loud noise
    Be equipped to clear litter and help wildlife
    Leave gates fences and walls as you find them.
    Respect other water and outdoor users.
    Keep a look out for larger vessels, they may not see you and are less maneuverable.
    Keep numbers consistent with safety and the impact on surroundings.
    When offering assistance do not put yourself or fellow outdoor people at risk
    We advocate the Golden Rule basis of all Natural Law especially with respect to other outdoor people and expect the same in return.
    “Treat others as you would wish to be treated”

    Adventure Accreditation International has selected The Thin Green Line as a conservation charity we believe outdoor people would like to support. Their work helps preserve the environments we care about and is compatible with our aims of promoting Adventure Tourism and Wildlife observation opportunities.


    To ensure all Park Rangers, and their immediate communities around the globe are sufficiently supported to carry out their conservation duties, and where a ranger is injured or killed in the line of duty that the family is adequately supported.

    Mission Statement
    “To provide vital support to Park Rangers on the frontline of conservation, predominantly in developing nations and conflict zones. Protecting the protectors of the world’s wild places – The Park Rangers – along with their families and the communities in which they work, is a critical conservation concern.”
    “With our natural environment is under unprecedented pressure from human activity, forest clearance, animal poaching, pollution and urban development are all urgent global issues.
    Fortunately, there is a dedicated group of men and women, fuelled by a passion for our natural world, who risk risk their lives protecting our planet’s most special natural treasures and the people that visit them.
    These brave Park Rangers need our support and it our mission to get that to them. We will protect the Protectors of conservation.”
    The AAI plans to assist with support and fund raising.